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Christmas on the Ocean
As I write this, I am staring at the Atlantic Ocean from Pawleys Island, South Carolina. A magnificent view, to say the least. My Sister (Janelle) and my wonderful Brother-in-law (Jack) have a friend that owns a beach house. He has generously allowed us to hang out over the holidays. Thank you!
Mom and I left Nashville the evening of the 21st and traveled as far as Knoxville. We left early morning the 22nd and arrived here in the middle of the afternoon. For those of you who are geographically challenged, Pawleys Island is about an hour north of Charleston, not far from Georgetown.
It is a good thing I bought a bigger truck last month. With all the things of my Mom's I had to load up, If I still had the Ranger, I would have had to rent a trailer! Presents, food, luggage, beverages, coolers, etc. It is a good thing that I travel light! It took Jack and I about 20 minutes to off-load everything. Michael (18 year old nephew) was still sleeping. The "new" truck is a 1999 Ford F-150, 4 door extended cab. It is burgundy outside with a grey interior. A beautiful piece of machinery. Lots of power, smooth ride, and fairly thrifty on gas. Finally got a chance to try out the CD player. 4 speakers and wonderful sound. I look forward to more road trips.
The beach here is white. Rare for the Atlantic coast. The best part is that it is a private beach. None of the general public allowed to defile the elements. Jack and I took Reagan (the dog) for a walk on the beach. Scattered footprints, sea shells and grass. The most interesting thing was all the Jellyfish washed up on the sand. Hard to blame them, since all they can do is float around. Nasty creatures notwithstanding, I attempted to rescue one by pushing him (?) closer to the water. My amount of success will never be known. (kind of like the amount of learning in my classes this past semester!)
The history of the Charleston area is quite interesting. It has been a major metropolis for over 250 years. Most of the slave trade was operated from here. South Carolina was the first state to secede from the union, prior to Lincoln's inauguration. It is the home of Fort Sumter. The (2nd) USS Yorktown is here. Lots of restaurants and wonderful historic homes. Prior to establishment of US factories, most Mercedes and BMW's were imported here. More to come.
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