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v1n1 Wrigley Field 6/6/2001
v1n2 Live from Southern California 7/17/2001
v1n3 Southern CA update 7/19/2001
v1n4 Presidential Libraries 7/20/2001
v1n5 March ARB 7/21/2001
v1n6 Freedom and Coastal Defense 7/23/2001
v1n7 What Does Heaven Look Like? 7/24/2001
v1n8 Christmas on the Ocean 12/23/2001
v1n9 Patriot's Point 12/25/2001
v1n10 Forts and Batteries 12/29/2001
v1n11 Bears on the Balcony 12/30/2001
v2n1 Wither Cinergy? 1/29/2003
v2n2 For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky... 2/21/2003
v2n3 Give War a Chance! 2/23/2003
v2n4 NYC and WTC 4/7/2003
v2n5 Tax Refunds Are Bad! 4/10/2003
v2n6 The Metrodome / Twin Cities 6/16/2003
v3n1 Definitions and Purpose 1/22/2004
v3n2 Tax Refunds Are Bad! 2004 Edition 3/30/2004
v3n3 Remembering the Gipper 6/15/2004
v3n4 The Price of Gasoline 7/5/2004
v3n5 Presidential Thoughts 10/26/2004
v4n1 San Simeon 7/9/2005
v4n2 Social Insecurity 10/25/2005
v5n1 Wave the Magic Wand 9/2/2007
v5n2 Get Your Gun 10/16/2007
v5n3 The Mythical National Championship 12/31/2007
v6n1 Ten Ways to Fix the Economy 3/3/2009
v7n1 NFL solution 3/21/2011
v7n2 Balancing the Budget 7/24/2011
v8n1 How to Fix Obamacare 4/27/2017
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