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Definitions and Purpose
Why do I call this newsletter/commentary, the freedom letter? Why spend good time to send potentially controversial thoughts across cyberspace and beyond? Good questions.
Let's begin with the dictionary definition of freedom. "absence of restraint," "the quality or state of being free," "liberation from slavery," "independence," "frankness, outspokenness," its synonym is liberty, which is defined as "acting without compulsion." Interesting.
Freedom is also the official reason we rebelled against the British, fought the Germans, the Japanese, and recently liberated the Iraqis. I did say "official." I leave the real reasons to your thoughts.
There has always been a disconnect between words and actions. This is especially true in the case of governments. The "party line" is almost always, a distorted view of reality.
The modern media, otherwise known as "the press" is complicit in distortions of the truth. We need to understand what they mean. We also need to understand that everyone has a bias. I have one, you have one, and so does everybody else. Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and company do not admit their bias, but they have one nonetheless. The vast majority of TV reporters are simply actors on a stage. They are good enough actors to make you believe them, but they are still reading someone's script.
Let's start by defining today's political terms.
Republican party- a political organization designed to consolidate power to its members and reward its benefactors. The party traces its heritage to Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, but apparently has forgotten what either of these gentlemen stood for.
Democratic party- a political organization designed to consolidate power to its members and reward its benefactors. The party traces its heritage to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, but obviously has forgotten what either of these gentlemen stood for.
The White House- the house where the President officially lives and works. Previously known as the Executive Mansion. Apparently the media also thinks this is a person, because they are constantly telling us what the White House thinks. What they really mean is the current administration's spokesman has been given a note and this is (more or less) what he or she has been told to say.
The Beltway- refers to the Interstate highway system surrounding the Federal City. Also could refer to Interstate highways surrounding other metropolitan areas of similar size. Apparently, once elected or appointed individuals enter the confines of this edifice they lose all common sense and begin to think they are about to be our saviors.
Socialism- the predominant economic system in the western world. Also known as the philosophy that states it is perfectly OK to do almost anything, as long as someone else is paying for it.
Capitalism- the economic system that rewards hard work and laziness at the same time. In other words, those who work very hard generally have more than the lazy slobs who believe they are owed a living under socialism.
The Congress- a group of occasionally elected individuals who believe it their duty to regulate, tax and otherwise "take care" of us. Extremely proficient in spending our money.
Liberal- an essentially meaningless term generally referring to those whom also call themselves Democrats. The media always assumes these people are "caring" and "thoughtful." To better understand these individuals, simply say "socialist."
Conservative- an essentially meaningless term generally referring to those whom also call themselves Republicans. The media generally assumes these people are "mean-spirited" and "taking food from the mouth of babies." These are also people who are generally not socialists.
The Constitution- the document, which is the basis for our laws and the rulebook for our government. All laws that are contrary to the constitution are "null and void" according to former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall. American citizens, and especially members of Congress, should get a copy and read it frequently.
Entitlements- the majority of the federal budget. Also the portion of the federal budget which takes money from currently productive citizens and attempts to distribute it to those members of society who are not currently productive. Also known as "mandatory spending." Should properly be called "redistribution of wealth."
Caucus- an exercise in meaningless political theater consisting of meetings in which candidates pay or otherwise entice people to say they might vote for them. When the people actually get a chance to vote, they are generally in another state, and have thought better about their trip to Iowa.
Primary- an election that is preliminary to the real election. Take the totality of all primaries along with a few caucuses and mix in a lot of meaningless media hype, and eventually a person is nominated to help us spend our money! (Otherwise known as The President.)
Campaign contribution- a voluntary monetary contribution to a candidate or political party. Also an expression of free speech.
Political Convention- an exercise in political theater designed to convince the populace that the designated candidate is worthy of election to high office. Used to actually have some drama as the real decisions were made behind the scenes in "smoke filled rooms." The smoke filled rooms are still with us, but now there are no real decisions made there. (Little known fact: We as taxpayers finance these scripted events.)
Political correctness- a distortion of the truth in order to make the uninformed or otherwise ignorant populace "feel better." Better known as lies dressed up to look like facts. Any person or group practicing such nonsense should be ignored.
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)- simply another meaningless media term, which in reality refers to something not specified in the title. What they really mean is "Weapons of Temporary Area Denial." Better known as chemical or biological weapons. First used by the Germans in the first World War. The only real weapons of mass destruction are Nuclear. So far, the United States is the only country to ever use them. (Let us hope it remains that way!)
This is just a partial list of the various political terms used by the mainstream media. Please keep this issue for future reference!
The Freedom Letter is designed to entertain, inform, amuse and to inspire thought. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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