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Get Your Gun
We must - if we hope to survive - personally take arms against terrorism and crime. Therefore, GET YOUR GUN!! Carry a gun legally. All the time.
How will this defeat terrorism and crime? Fellow citizen, listen before it's too late. Please act before many more lives and jobs are lost. This warning is not "crying wolf."
There are more of us who desire to live peacefully and lawfully than there are terrorists and criminals. That means that by sheer numbers we can subdue the criminals and terrorists - if we are ready and able and willing. But, we must be ready, able and willing at all times, because we do not know when or where an extremist Muslim terrorist or a sociopathic criminal will act. These predators rely on our being off guard and vulnerable. Remember the cowardly terrorists who threw an elderly wheelchair-bound American man into the sea off the cruise ship Achilles Laurel they commandeered in 1985?
Those sub-human creatures who kill and maim innocent people - women, children, the elderly, upright men, policemen, firemen, medics - attack soft targets when we least expect and where we are least able to respond adequately and quickly. They kill school children, and set delayed bombs to kill parents and responders. They prey on our Christian-based values which expect decency among all people. They rely on our assumption that peaceful people will be treated peacefully. But like the snakes or reclusive spiders that they are, these inhuman creatures take advantage of your passivity to kill you, your spouse, your children, your economy (eliminate your job and your ability to feed your family), your peace of mind, your hope, and your country if they can. They are right now - right this moment - conniving to kill everything you love and hold dear. I don't say that in a poetic way, nor in a style of literary hyperbole, but in a terrible literal, factual way. Criminals and terrorists find purpose, joy, thrills and even spiritual fulfillment in plotting to kill, and in actually killing, you and yours. They will do it, UNLESS YOU AND I STOP THEM. We can ONLY stop them IF we are ready, able, and willing AT ALL TIMES to successfully stop them by force. Focused, overpowering strength (your gun), actually used (force in action), against criminals and terrorists; is the only reliable method to stop their indiscriminate heinous violence.
Remember the sage advice: "Don't take a knife to a gun fight?" We are in a gunfight far beyond that of the OK Corral or the Mafia. Beyond even the horrific act of September 11, 2001. We are in a desperate fight for our lives and our way of life. The 9/11 attacks nearly took out the airline industry's economic viability; which could have trashed our national economy. Terrorists can cause a recession / depression in the blink of an eye by making us afraid to use our trucks, planes, buses, cabs; or afraid to open our mail; or afraid to go to our place of employment. They can cripple our education system by making us afraid to leave our children in school. They thrive by creating debilitating fear. Though much weaker than all of us, in both numbers and resources, these deranged disciples of Satan can potentially destroy us because they are ready, willing, able, and dedicated to use all evil means available to subjugate us. IF WE DO NOT RISE TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF READINESS, WILLINGNESS, ABLENESS, AND DEDICATION, we will be badly wounded, or even our way of life destroyed. If our economy is destroyed, with it goes our culture.
But readiness is available to us right now. We have the ability. We must get the willingness (better yet the compulsion), the dedication, and alertness RIGHT NOW.
Let me illustrate the point. The forty brave men and women, crew and passengers, on flight 93 were able to overpower the terrorists if for no other reason than the good guys outnumbered the bad guys. Heroic people gave their lives, and the sub-human terrorists lost their objective. Though the terrorists were armed with box knives while the passengers and crew were unarmed, the heroes were able to overcome because their assailants had minimal weaponry, and the confined space limited the hijackers' ability to inflict deadly force quickly. If the terrorists had had greater mobility and greater fire power, the noble heroes would not have been able to overcome them. Now, put the scenario in a school building. If terrorists have big automatic weapons while decent people have no weapons, the terrorists will win handily every time. That scenario is what we must prevent - and you and I collectively are the only ones who can prevent it. We can't do it alone; we must do it as an innumerable, ubiquitous, patriotic group.
Take the school scenario again. If terrorists gain access and attack in a school building, they will lose IF every teacher, every administrator, every secretary, ever janitor, every volunteer, every security guard, every bus driver - every adult on the property is armed, knows how to shoot, and will shoot, and does shoot as soon as any terrorist is identified. Because the armed good guys outnumber the more heavily armed terrorists, the terrorists will be defeated. Yes, the terrorists will kill people, but fewer people than if no one in the building is armed, or if only "security personnel" are armed. Innocent people will be killed in any case, but fewer innocent lives will be taken if every adult belonging on site is armed, trained, and takes decisive action. With only a few armed "security personnel" present, and the inevitable delay while police arrive and get in position; the terrorists can kill at will and for as long as they wish, because the deterrent is too little too late.
In 1974 in Maaiot, during Passover Week, Arab terrorists massacred Israeli school children on field trips. Defenseless school children being easy targets, they killed them other places also. The Israeli's armed teachers, even nurses, and armed grandparents to escort the children. After these killed a few Arab terrorists, the craven attacks ceased. Without ready arms we are inviting targets; but armed we are strong.
Normal human thinking is to live and let live, and do no harm. But diseased predators are not normal, for they desire to kill and to die. They teach their children to strap bombs on their body, walk into a crowd of shoppers, or onto a bus, and kill themselves taking as many as possible with them. At a luncheon for members of a museum, I discovered that the man next to me was a physician. A suicide bombing was in the news from the days before. I said "How can a parent ever justify such an act?" The doctor replied, "One uses the weapons available to him." I said, "Children as weapons? You are a physician sworn to help and heal." He said, "I understand because desperate people use desperate means." Later I found out he is an Arab from Egypt, now in America.
Here was a man in his late fifty's, an Arab physician who has taken an oath to protect life, a museum member who enjoys social gatherings. Surely he represents the finer class in his culture. Since he seemed to condone such despicable acts, it is a warning that we must be on guard - armed and ready, for the radicals of the culture will be far worse. We must recognize the dark, deceptive, demonic nature of our sadistic enemy.
In 2004 in Russia, 34 Muslim terrorists, some of them women with explosive belts, took over a school, holding over 1200 hostages. Adult males and bigger boys were executed quickly, while young girls age 7-17 were raped. 334 civilian hostages including 186 children were massacred over three days in the hot school. Children drank urine in vain to quench thirst. Blood was everywhere. Some got out and ran for safety, only to be shot in the back as they fled. No one in the school had weapons, except the terrorists. This was a vivid, horrid lesson in gun control. 34 gunmen controlled 1200 gun-less people. It's a lesson that if only the outlaws have guns, they can torture and kill law-abiding unarmed citizens of any age - and they will. No criminal or terrorist ever said, "Since having a gun is illegal, I'll give up my gun." Outlaws will have guns and will use them to kill your family. You are the one to prevent that. Get armed!
In Pennsylvania in 2006, a sociopath took Amish girls age 7-13 hostage in their school. He killed five of those innocent girls in front of the others. The Amish are pacifists.
We as Citizens of The United States of America have a Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, and a God-given right to protect ourselves. We have a responsibility to protect our children, our homes, and our country. We have an obligation to defeat terrorism. This right, this responsibility, and this obligation MUST combine to compel us to take adequate action to successfully fulfill that right, responsibility and obligation. To discuss what we must do, to even decide what we must do, and even to resolve to do it in the future is not enough. Talk and resolution are inadequate unless put in action now. Unless we take action this day! The criminals and terrorists are scheming today, even now, on our own soil, to destroy our nation and our way of life. We must respond now, before too late. As said at the outset, we must be vigilant: always ready, willing, and able to prevent terrorists from accomplishing their goals now in progress.
Ready. We must have an adequate gun with us and know how to use it effectively.
Willing. We must have the courage, the drive, the compulsion, to actually use our gun quickly enough to defeat the terrorists in their own game. We can't hesitate; we must act. Dedication, determination and discipline assist courage under fire.
Able. We must have prepared to shoot well enough to take out the terrorists. That means kill them before they kill more of us. Practice until using your weapon is second nature - as natural as applying the brake or accelerator while driving.
At all times. That means have the gun with you always. Get a permit to carry; then carry your weapon. Terrorists have hit schools, churches, airplanes and airports, buses and bus terminals, markets, high-rise buildings, government offices, theaters, etc. No place is off limits to terrorists. That's how they wage war. No safe haven. Therefore, we must be ready in all places at all times with a deliberate personal plan in mind.
It is foolish for establishments such as schools, banks, even government buildings to force law-abiding citizens to disarm themselves. It would be far wiser in all these places to require law-abiding citizens to arm themselves - employees and visitors. If twenty law-abiding ARMED citizens were in McDonalds or a post office when 3 or 4 terrorists tried to take over, those terrorists would soon be dead from the firepower of 20 gun-carrying citizen militiamen. If those same 3 or 4 terrorists tried to take over McDonalds or a post office (as has occurred) where no one is armed, they could kill everyone on site. One aged "security guard" can't stop them, and police have travel delay. "Security cameras" will only record the carnage. If all US Citizens KNEW that thousands of us were legally armed and ready, that alone would greatly reduce the fear of terrorists - therefore reduce the effectiveness of terrorism.
80% of Americans claim in polls to be of the Christian persuasion. Would a Christian carry a weapon? Consider Abraham, the father of all the Faithful. Abraham's armed, trained servants defeated four city-kings to rescue Abraham's nephew. Consider Joshua's army conquering the Promised Land following God's direct instructions. Consider Jesus in Luke 22:33-39 advising his disciples to buy a sword if they didn't already have one. Two of those disciples, one being Peter, had swords with them right there with Jesus. Mathematically, the 80% alleged Christians must produce the patriotic protectors.
Here is my appeal: Join me in getting a Concealed Carry Permit. Get the legal permit. Get a weapon. Carry the weapon. Learn how to use the weapon well. Go over terror scenarios in your mind so you are mentally ready to use the gun in a workman-like manner - not a vigilante but a level-headed protector. If you tend toward road rage, a flash temper, abusive behavior, or use illegal drugs, or lack confidence; then opt out.
Tell government officials at all levels to make carrying a legal weapon not only permissible but strongly recommended. I realize the following will not happen, but indulge me. I think all stable, law-abiding adults should be required to take a concealed-carry permit class, marksmanship class, and safety class. When citizens apply for a drivers license or renewal, if age 21 or above and no violent criminal record or DUI issues, they will not be given a drivers license or renewal until providing proof of each of those classes and proof of purchase of a qualified weapon. In that way, hundreds of thousands of responsible, capable adults would be "infiltrated" around our country; ready, willing and able at all times to defeat terrorists and criminals. That would be one of the finest Homeland Security measures we could put in place.
Meanwhile, back to realism, you, as a responsible and law-abiding adult, get your gun, take your concealed carry class, carry your weapon at all times and in all places where it is now legal, and be mentally ready to use it immediately against terror of any kind. WE, you and I, are our best hope to defeat terrorism by defeating terrorists when confronted. We cannot rely on government to protect us, our families, and our way of life. If we ourselves do not take action now to defend ourselves, what will be our dying excuse? Let's together defeat terrorism and sociopaths. Get Your Gun!
Jim Foy - 2007, Tulsa
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